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* The most frequently asked questions in customer complaints are described.

Forum: It is a discussion space for users of ASUS WebStorage.
Blog: It is a space where the know-how about using ASUS WebStorage and the development of ASUS WebStorage are described.

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* One-Time Password Authentication
(For paid user only)


Subscribers can modify the following information here:
* Gender * Age * Occupation * E-mail Address for contact purposes
Subscribers can change their existing password.
Subscribers can query their account records here.
* Credential ID OTP setup records
* Subscriber privilege change records (including print invoice)
* Credential ID maintenance records
Input the 20-character top up code to access the corresponding privilege.
Finish the relevant OTP settings here.
Recommended related services:
* Get Recommendation Links
* Search Recommendation Results
After the downgrade process, your WebStorage ID of ASUS WebStorage service will be available still, but the account permission will be downgraded to Basic term.